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The Greatest Soccer Player In South America.

Marcos Evangelista de Morais – the superstar known as Cafu – was born on the 7th of June 1970. He is the most celebrated soccer player in the entire South America. A defender with over a hundred and forty appearances in the national Brazilian team, he has played in three of the FIFA world cup finals and of the three, lead his team to victory in two of them. He has also won two Copa America Cups as well as a FIFA Confederations Cup.

But we are not going to spend paragraphs listing the many accomplishments of this titan. We are all of us after all already familiar with his repertoire. Here, we are going to look into the life that the man lives at home. We know he is the father of Wellington de Morais, but let’s delve into his past and see where he comes from.

Before Cafu, There Was Marcos

On the 7th of June in 1970 in a place called Itaquaquecetuba, Cleusa Evangelista de Morais gave birth to one of her four sons, which would total her six children – his name is Marcos Evangelista de Morais. No one knew then that he would become the legendary Cafu. But it would not take long until Marcos started to showing great aptitude for soccer. So much so that by the age of 7 he was allowed to attend a soccer academy.

Like so many sports stars, actors and musicians, playing soccer was not only a way of doing what he loved, but also a way that he could see to help his family escape poverty. However, even though he was an incredible soccer player since the age of 7 and went to soccer academy in 1977 he was to rejected from every soccer club that applied to join. It is only in 1988 that he was finally signed as a soccer player by Sao Paolo. It is however only the following year that he made his debut and thereafter apuestas de futbol Argentina fans rejoiced.

One Of His Two True Loves

Marcos Cafu has only ever had two true loves in his life. The one of course being soccer and the other being his wife. As far as what we know Regina Feliciano was Cafu’s first true love. The two has been married for over 30 year. Through their marriage Cafu has earned Italian citizenship and fathered three children with his beautiful wife.

The couple lives a happy life and they are the example of true love to all of their friends. More than true love they also reflect a happy family. However, the de Morais family has also had their share of tragedy. The oldest son of the legendary man – Danilo – followed in his fathers’ footsteps. However, at age 30 the world was shook as Danilo passed away from a heart attack while playing ball at his family home.


Not much of his personal life is known to us as Cafu likes to keep his personal life just that, personal. We do know that at age 38 he first wanted to retire but kept on playing. Today he is however retired and has become quite a successful philanthropist.

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