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Why The World Loves Football
There is something very special about football. Fanatics from all over the world are incredibly
passionate about the game. It is referred to as “the beautiful game”, and many supporters are
fiercely loyal to their favourite teams, regardless of whether or not they’re on a winning streak.

Many liken watching a game of football to watching a movie. While the game itself lasts just 90
minutes, the effects of it can be felt for long after the game is done. Football has the potential to
unite and divide people, which is part of the reason that is has become such an exciting sport all
around the world. Take a look at a few more reasons why we love the beautiful game below.

It’s Nostalgic

For many football fans around the world, the game is a nostalgic one. It takes them back to their
school days, when football was often played during recess, or before or after school. Football has a
way of bringing people together, and this is often from a young age. Like many other sports,
nostalgia plays a big role in how popular football is.

So many football fans have happy memories of friendly games between neighbours, cousins and
visiting school teams, which is why they remain fully committed to the game even now.

There’s A Great Sense Of Pride In The Game

When it comes to football, pride plays a huge role for enthusiasts. The sport has a great sense of
pride attached to it. Part of what makes football supporters so special is that they stand by their
team regardless of what happens, through transfers and turmoil and everything in between. Their
loyalty never faulters, even if their team loses every game in a tournament.

Football team supporters trust their team and show absolute pride in them, through good times and
bad ones. There is also a great deal of emotion involved, as supporters laugh, cry and cheer for their
teams every step of the way.

Big Games

Of course, every game of football is an exciting one, but the big, important games are one of the
main reasons to love the sport. The build-up to a big game is filled with excitement, as each team’s
supporters try to outdo each other by dressing up, cheering and singing loudly and chanting for
specific players.

Then of course, there is the big game itself, which is full of suspense, joy and for some, heartache.
Big games have huge expectations, and players know that. At the end of the game, there are often
huge celebrations for the winning team and the rewards are as big as those you’ll find in the Blackjack Canada has to offer.

It’s Accessible

Football isn’t one of those games that is reserved for particularly tall players, or players who have
bulging muscles. It is a game that anyone can play or bet on. It is easy to understand, requires very little equipment and can be played almost everywhere, from the beach to a big stadium or even a

Football is easily accessible for almost everyone, and it is a popular sport in almost every country in
the world, except America. However, over the past few years, the country’s support and
understanding of the game has grown.

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