Botafogo won 2-0 over the visiting Ecuadorian team of EMELEC in the first leg of international play in the 2009 South American Cup.

Despite the rain and few fans on hand at the Engenhao stadium, Botafogo accomplished their duty of winning at home in hopes of advancing through the tournament.

Just as the first half was coming to a close, Botafogo scored as Renato, off a crossed ball from Gabriel, took advantage of a poorly positioned goalie to head the ball in.

Juninho lofted the ball

Botafogo increased their lead in the 63rd minute when Juninho lofted the ball from inside of the penalty box where he found a leaping Andre Lima who then headed the ball into the back of the Emelec’s net.

The team from Rio de Janeiro will take their comfortable advantage into the return leg when they face EMELEC in Ecuador on September 30.

Botafogo can stand to lose by a maximum of one goal in order to qualify for the quarter finals of this year’s tournament.

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