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Lincoln Strong Throws Local Artists a Lifeline.

The music scene in Lincoln, Nebraska looks a lot different these days, with the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic keeping fans isolated at home.

Concert venues have had to either postpone upcoming shows and events or cancel them entirely and thus Lincoln Strong was born. In an effort to keep things going, live concerts are being streamed at a new festival formed to benefit the musicians, restaurants, and venues who depend on the kinds of activities now being forbidden to make their living due to the lockdown.

Social Networking At Its Best

Pinnacle Bank Arena’s Director of Bookings Charlie Schilling wanted to utilise the marketing assets of the indoor stadium to extend help to community players and the social distancing community via an online concert.

He says that the livestream is being linked to the venue’s social networking channels, and Lincoln Strong is being cross-promoted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He says that weekly email reminders are also being sent out to the Pinnacle Bank Arena fanbase so that people who have previously indicated that they’re interested in live music know about what’s happening.

Things kick off with the band in the limelight for the week performing on the group’s Facebook Live page, and this is then shared via the Lincoln Strong Facebook page. While giving access to the livestream, Lincoln Strong also includes a Venmo link which allows viewers to donate to the artists directly.

The latter are also encouraged by the organisers to mention their favourite local business, so the net of goodwill is spread far and wide. It’s the kind of feeling you usually only get after a big win thanks to a win while playing online slots Australia, and it’s all happening right here!

A Great Response

Lincoln Strong came to be after Schilling reached out to Jack Rodenburg, who has a lot of connections in the local music scene. Rodenburg’s ties to several local bands, including A Ferocious Jungle Cat and The Wildwoods, saw him becoming the organiser for the festival, so he’s in charge of booking acts for the show each week.

The feedback so far has been good, with Rodenburg reporting a steep rise in Facebook likes and donations coming in from the general public.

The Way Forward

Although this project got formed in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, Rodenburg has indicated that he plans to continue Lincoln Strong even after everything gets back to normal and concerts and shows are happening again.

Rodenburg says that the community aspect is particularly appealing, and he loves the fact that it’s helping so many entities, not just the musicians themselves but the restaurants and venues that support them, too. He mentioned the fact that it’s limited to once a week being a good thing because it’s spreading things out so that would-be fans don’t get overwhelmed.

Rodenburg says that the public’s reaction to this project has been wonderful and something really special has built up among everyone involved thanks to a noble common goal being shared.

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