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A Look At Some Of The Stand Out Moments From The Life Of Maradona

As Diego Maradona is honoured, many are looking back at some of the greatest moments in his career. The truth is that there are so many moments, it is difficult to choose just a few.
So this just a handful of favourites in a long, exceptional career that spanned many years.

World Youth Championship, 1979

One can go back into the 70s to appreciate what a force Maradona was on the field, with the World Youth Championship of 1979 standing out as a phenomenal performance. Of course, the only reason that he wasn’t accepted for the 1978 World Cup squad was because he was too young. So, he instead headed to the Youth Championship, where he duly thrashed the competition every chance he got.

Argentina won the event with little competition, all but steamrolling the other teams to victory. Indonesia, Poland and Yugoslavia were first soundly whipped, with Maradona contributing 3 goals. In the knockouts, he again added a goal each to the matches. The Soviet Union were beaten in the finals, with the 16 year old demonstrating nothing short of excellence on the field.

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1986 World Cup Quarter Final

You can hardly talk about the career of Maradona without bringing up this match. It is testimony to just how incredible this man was, that 2 of the most remembered goals in history were both his, were a few minutes apart, and in the same match.

Yes, we are talking about the Hand of God Goal, and the Goal Of The Century. If you choose to talk about one, rather than the other, it really is your decission. If you prefer to dislike him for his sometimes dismissive, arrogant attitude, or rather praise him for his undoubtedly incredible performance on the field, remember to appreciate that one man was responsible for both goals.

1986 World Cup Finals

Later that same event, Maradona again proved to be the stuff of legends and the king of making soccer history. The match as a whole is recognised as an incredible showing from both sides, with Argentina going head to head with West Germany.

Since the German side were paying special attention to Maradona for the majority of the game, it opened up the field to all sorts of incredible play for the Argentinian side as a whole. The match seemed to be swinging Argentina’s way, only for West Germany to come back with a vengeance and level the game.

Then, sealing the deal, Maradona stepped up for an incredible goal, ending the game 3-2.

1994 World Cup Opening Game

Jumping forward to the 90s, it wasn’t the best time for Maradona, and some would say a poor end to an otherwise incredible career.

But say what you will, the opening game of the 1994 World Cup showed that he still had what it took to be a star. Sure, it was actually Gabriel Batistuta that delivered the hat trick, but does anyone remember that, or Maradona sealing a team play for the fourth goal in a 4-0 victory?

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