The Nebraska Promise Tuition Programme

Students will need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to qualify for the Nebraska Promise tuition programme. And, as the silver lining for the dark cloud that is the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, this year the deadline has been extended to June 1 to accommodate those affected by the pestilence.

Are You Eligible?

Ted Carter, President of the University of Nebraska, recently announced the programme that provides a tuition-free option for residents of this state. You’ll need to be eligible for a Federal Pell Grant, or have an annual household income of US$60 000 or less to qualify, and take a minimum of 12 credit hours every semester. You’ll also have to maintain a Grade Point Average of at least 2.5.

What Gets Covered and What Does Not

The programme begins in the Fall semester of this year and is available to new, returning, and transfer NU students. It covers as many as 15 credit hours per semester, or 30 credit hours per academic year, for both online and on-campus courses.

If students take more than four years to complete their degrees, they can keep using the programme as long as they keep meeting the eligibility requirements. They’ll also need to demonstrate academic progress every year.

Anything beyond actual tuition is unfortunately not covered, so books, fees, and room and board will have to be paid for by learners. Luckily, overheads will be greatly reduced and the time spent online can be spent relaxing by keeping in touch with friends and family via internet-based messaging apps, having fun on social media networks, and enjoying the kind of entertainment provided by online casino NZ outlets instead of trying to start a side-hustle!

Carter said that it became obvious that there was a gap in assistance with tuition between students who are entitled to the Pell Grant and middle-income households who are not. Coupled with the COVID-19 crisis, he said that the University saw the need for extra financial support and decided to make a plan to provide it.

The Effect of the Pandemic

Carter said that it became obvious that people are struggling and that they were going to be making some difficult decisions. Something akin to the Nebraska Promise tuition programme was already being considered and the COVID-19 infection shifted this process into high gear.

He stated that it’s a tough time at the moment, there’s a dearth of good news, and many people are wondering whether or not going back to college is a good idea or not. He explained that this factor played a major role in the launch of the Nebraska Promise.

By being as enterprising as it is, NU will be successful on the other side of this global scourge. As Carter said when the Nebraska Promise was announced, this pestilence will end, and when it does, the university will be one of the institutions that got things right.

This programme builds on Collegebound Nebraska, an earlier system-wide scheme that offered students financial aid. It will support an extra 1 000 students, says the website.

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