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When you hear the term ‘paid traffic’, what is your first reaction?
Chances are it’s a negative one. But in the right circumstances –
and only in the right circumstances – paid web traffic is a reliable,
efficient, and extremely nice way to bump business outreach.

In 2020, e-Commerce is at war. Every business is fighting to get conversions in a highly-
saturated market; while lockdowns force many consumers to make their purchases online,
competition has never been so fierce.

It makes no difference what sector you trade-in. Even big industrial concerns require an
excellent online presence to attract or continue to attract visitors. Small cottage industries are
exploding as people look for ways to earn extra cash during long, pandemic-driven furloughs.

People might be purchasing more online and signing up for more digital services, but more new
businesses are starting-up to take up the slack.
One of the newer strategies to expose your website to as many potential conversions as
possible is paid web traffic.

How Do Web Traffic Providers Get Traffic?

Only in the last decade has paid traffic become an option. These on-the-ball entrepreneurs have
spent a lot of time and energy designing and launching large websites that attract as many
signups with a huge variety of interests.

These websites are not e-Commerce sites but purely designed to attract the masses. Human
visitors have become a digital commodity.

Paid Traffic 03

Paid Traffic 03

The best web traffic providers attract millions of visitors on wide-ranging websites. They can
then sell these real people on as visitors to other, less popular sites. In short, legal human
trafficking without any of the usual, very negative connotations.
By gathering data on these millions, web traffic providers can allocate each person to a niche
based upon interest, age, and location.

The websites owned and managed by traffic providers range from gaming sites to comparison
sites. As most providers offer adult traffic, they also own adult websites.

This is one of the reasons why paid traffic is seen as a rather negative step in our marketing
However, adult and gambling sites are only one type of provider-owned platform. If you visit
larger review websites dealing with any product – from gardening tools to white goods and
books – you will probably have landed on a site owned by a web traffic provider.

Bad Website Traffic Providers Are Easy To Spot

Because of the huge numbers of daily visitors these businesses attract, reputable providers do

Paid Traffic 02

Paid Traffic 02

Unfortunately, disreputable providers try to sell bot traffic as genuine visitors or sell nothing at
all. A bot will never convert. And if you have signed up but haven’t received your traffic order
within 5 days, the chances are you never will.

Distinguishing a good website traffic provider from a bad one is relatively easy. A bad one will
promise high conversion rates – something only your online presence, product, service, and
prices can achieve. The website will not feel right – there will be little transparency. And external
reviews will be consistently negative.

A good website traffic provider will not promise the world. They can, however, guarantee 100%
human traffic, up to 99% Adsense safe traffic (never 100%), multiple target groups or niches,
traffic arrival times within 48 hours, and an opportunity to forward paid traffic drop by drop over a
period of 1 to 30 days.

The provider’s site will be well managed and include up-to-date articles and very transparent
web traffic pricing information.
Even so, don’t expect perfect reviews. Buyers of website traffic expect different things.
However, with a realistic view of paid traffic potential, a reputable web traffic service will score

When Does Paid Traffic Work?

Paid traffic pays. Not only is it the quickest and sure-fire way to get substantial visitor numbers
(followed by visitors from PPC ads), it requires minimal effort. Paid traffic leaves you plenty of
time to concentrate on your organic traffic driving strategies. It is also very cost-efficient when
used correctly.

Paid Traffic Testing

A/B testing is part of daily marketing and design life. Tweaking every button, font, image, CTA,
and a multitude of features can make a tangible difference to customer experience. And as we
all know, good customer experiences increase ranking on major and minor search engines.
However, and especially in the case of startups, you need to have traffic to start testing. The
more traffic you have, the bigger the data you collect. If your website is presented attractively,
there is no reason why targeted human traffic you have paid for will not interact within your

For this reason, many marketing agencies implement paid traffic when testing. The low cost,
combined with the low effort, makes this an easy step in gathering important web design data.

Specialized Platforms

Large shopping sites such as Shopify and the very niche Etsy are lucrative spaces but packed
with sellers offering similar, if not precisely, the same products. Type "purple wig" in the Etsy
search bar, and you'll get a few thousand results selling pretty much the same thing.

By having a website to back up your store, you can be placed higher up the platform pages
thanks to paid website traffic. Target hair, party supplies, and fashion accessory niches to bring
potentially interested parties to your website and make it easy for them to land in your store.

Shopping platforms have evolved over the years and now work with complex internal
algorithms. These make it harder for stores and products to achieve pole position in the search
results. Personalized searches also make it harder to achieve top status across the board using
a single tactic. Expert teams such as etsy Geeks make it their duty to keep up with the latest
algorithm changes and even guarantee top ranking or your money back.

Brand Awareness

Another use for paid traffic is simply getting your brand name recognized. In the organic traffic
world, this is no mean feat.
With paid traffic, it’s another story. If you want, and if your website can handle it, you can order
500,000 visitors to arrive on your site over a period of 1 – 30 days. This can be completely
targeted traffic or undifferentiated. The latter allows you to source potential new target groups.
Some of the niches from which your conversions come can be very surprising.

To get this volume of traffic from organic sources or via paid ads requires incredible investment.
Even so, such methods should never be ignored. These are the long-term strategies that keep
your business running. Paid traffic is – and always will be – an added extra to give you the edge
over your competition.

Join Hands With Your Latest Campaign

Paid Traffic 03

Paid Traffic 03

Paid traffic works well if paired to a new campaign or launch. If you are venturing into social
media platforms and using influencers and content to attract interested parties, you still need a

By including paid traffic to your repertoire of social media strategies at a time when your social
media presence is fine-tuned and ready to go, paid website visitors will be more likely to click on
your integrated website Follow button. Obviously, the more attractive and relevant you make
your website, the better the outcome. You might want to design a separate landing page for
your paid traffic.

Ordering Website Traffic Is Easy

It’s easy to order paid traffic from a reputable provider. Take webtrafficexperts, for example.
Simply click on Order Traffic Now (don’t worry, you won’t be charged unless you confirm your
order) and pick the numbers. Packages of 10,000 visitors are great for smaller businesses as
well as A/B testing. There’s no reason to pick the 500,000 visitor plan unless you know your
website can handle them, and you can handle the extra business. Buy cheap website traffic

Even if just 0.2% of these visitors convert, can your company supply 1,000 new customers
within your advertised delivery time?
Once you’ve picked your one-off or monthly visitor volume, it’s time to select your target
group(s). At Web Traffic Experts you can choose from hundreds – another great way of finding
new markets. You might opt for undifferentiated traffic if all you want is for people to know you
Another important selection is location. Why pay for visitors from Europe if you only supply a
service to the US or vice versa. Selling online products? Don’t select any country or region and
go for global outreach. If you want to save money, go for affordable quality cheap visitors but make
sure to choose a legit site.
Now all you have to do is type in your URL and say over what period of time you want your
visitors to arrive. Either fill in the number of days or the dates you have scheduled your
That’s it.
Simple, cost-effective, and a helping hand in a competitive e-Commerce world. Paid web traffic
is far from naughty. It’s a viable, important part of your marketing strategy.

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