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The Ecuadorian club CS Emelec has seen many coaches in the past. Its current coach is man of fitness himself. Born in 1982, Ismael Rescalvo, is old enough to have excellent work ethic and young enough to push both himself and his club to new heights. The Spanish coach is himself not new to the game of soccer. He is a retired soccer player that used to play in the position of central defender. Having retired in 2010 he is still a great asset to the game.

Rescalvo was born in Valencia and started training for the Levante soccer club at age 14. He worked his way up to the clubs b-team but was unfortunately forced to retire at age 28 due to an injury. Many players, once being injured, often shy away from the game that injured them and become resentful. But not this man. From the moment he retired he worked at Le Crue CF and Levante’s youth setup.

Starting To Coach

His previous experience in the Levante Youth Squad gave him the experience to take over the CF Torre Levante juvenile squad. He led the squad for a year after which he was appointed as the manager of the Torre Levante’s first team. He managed the team for three years and by his third season he was able to take the club into the nineth position. It may not sound like a very high position, but it is the highest position that the club had ever held.

After this huge success he was presented as the new manager of Categoria Primera on June the 3rd of 2016. But this is a position that he only held for a year and then moved on to be an interim manager for Independiente Medellin. In November he was appointed as definite manager. However, in June of the following year he was dismissed from that position. This proved to be the best thing could have happened to him and the Emelec team.

This drastic move made him take a drastic move of his own as he decided to not only switch teams but to also switch countries. On June the 28th of 2018 he was appointed as the new manager for the Independiente del Valle. He kept this position for only about a year. This in itself proves his ambition to climb the ranks and become the best that he can be, someone that those placing bet Apuestas argentina should keep an eye on. In 2019 he was appointed as the manager for the CS Emelec Team.

Personal Life

Born in Spain on the 2nd of March 1982, Rescalvo is one part of an identical twin. His brother Jaun is also a soccer player who goes by both is paternal and maternal surnames, Juan Rescalvo Sanches. Ismael however, like so many soccer stars seem to live a pretty private life. The good news is that it is rumoured that he is single. The bad news is that he is not looking, as work seems to be more important. We simply have to keep our eyes peeled on the internet for when Rescalvo decides to reveal more.

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