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What To Look For In A Football Boot
Are you a seasoned football player, or just a casual football player who is passionate about the

Either way, if you do find yourself engaging in a game of football every now and then, it is important
to consider getting yourself some football boots, or cleats, as they are more commonly known.
Purchasing a set of cleats can often be a bit overwhelming, as there are so many brands and so many
different options out there.

You need to have a good idea of what you are looking for, and you then need to ensure that you find
durable ones, as they can be quite pricey, and you want to make sure that they are a good fit.
Take a look at our top tips for buying football cleats below:

Consider The Material

This may come as a bit of a surprise to many, but cleats can be made out of a very wide range of
fabrics or materials. Traditionally, football boots were made using kangaroo leather, as it is soft,
supple and extremely comfortable. Unlike many other fabrics, kangaroo leather doesn’t need to be
‘broken in’ before playing.

Other shoes are made of different natural leathersf, such as cowhide. These aren’t as pliable as
kangaroo leather but do tend to be more durable. Professional players prefer this kind of material as
they are comfortable and feel natural on the ball. However, they aren’t waterproof, so may break
down if they’re played with in the rain one too many times. Of course, there are also numerous
synthetic fabrics that have been used to create cleats. They are said to be more durable, lighter to
wear and water resistant.

Consider The Fit

Your cleats need to fit comfortably, or you risk injury and the only perk here is that you’ll be
spending more time playing the slots Canada offers instead. They should be quite snug on your foot,
especially if you have opted for a pair made from kangaroo leather, as these will stretch out over

The tighter your cleats are, the more natural it will feel when you play. There should be about a
pinkie finger’s worth of space between your toes and the front end of the shoe – your toes should
not press against the upper.

Consider The Different Kinds Of Cleats

The kind of cleat that you choose to purchase should be determined largely by the surface you will
play on. If you are playing in a league or for a club, check with them about the surface at their

Typically, there are five different kinds of cleat designs to choose from, based on different surfaces:
firm ground (mainly for outdoor games and grass fields), hard ground (works best on rock-hard
surfaces), indoor (designed for use on hard, glossy indoor courts), soft ground (made for traction on
muddy fields) and turf (used specifically for artificial turf grounds).

Most standard football boots come with permanently attached cleats, but like golf shoes, you can
also find some with detachable cleats for greater versatility. Having the right pair of football cleats
can make your game more comfortable and enjoyable and can also help elevate your performance.

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