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Get Some Inspiration When it Comes to Bringing in Extra Money

Today there are thousands upon thousands of people who’ve been pushed into a position where they need to find a way to earn some extra income. On average, each of us will have two or three careers in our lives but many people are having to supplement their day jobs just to stay on budget and the options, we’re happy to say, are almost endless. The good news is that starting a strong side hustle is within your reach, as long as you’re willing to work hard and take a few risks!

Bicycle Repair

In many parts of the world, there’s a seasonal call for bicycle repairs but you can find a way around anything, including this. You could, for instance, rent a space and offer it as a storage unit for people’s bicycles over the winter months. And, with a little research, homework, and diligence, you could offer tune-ups and repairs on top of safekeeping.

If you’re catering to the Lance Armstrong devotees, or you reside in a more temperate climate, you may even get to the point where you’ve got business all year round. There are certain types of riders like there are online Bingo Australia fans, that’ll get down to business no matter what’s going on!

But repairs can also bring in some much-needed extra cash even if you just make yourself available on Saturday mornings.

A Cleaning Service

There are many directions you could take with a cleaning service side hustle. You could work during hours when no one else wants to, focussing on empty offices, factories, and warehouses. Or you could aim your services at retail businesses, grouping customers into one or two blocks to make your commute a breeze. Restaurants are also spaces that need a deep-clean every so often, and these could go on to become a wonderful source of steady clientele. And there’s always house-cleaning.

What’s great about this side hustle is that you won’t need to spend much money on advertising because you can build up a relatively big customer-base with just word-of-mouth.

Dog Walking

This can be a particularly enjoyable extra income if you’re an animal lover and there are very few communities who don’t need a reliable, friendly dog-walker these days. You can decide whether to offer this as a group service or one-by-one, and this work has great potential for up-selling. You could create packages, with just dog-walking, or playing and feeding pets, delivering newspapers and mails, and turning lights on and off included.

Used Book Sales

Almost everyone has a couple of boxes of books, read or unread, stashed away in their house somewhere. Why not make a little money from them, either online or off? If you want to build up repeat customers, you’ll need to keep semi-regular hours, but because it’s a private venture you can choose what, if anything you want to specialise in. Maybe you’ll have some great first editions or sell only Westerns or Murder Mysteries. You could even institute a swapping programme.

The world’s your oyster, good luck finding your pearl!

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